Hang Loose Bands are made to be fun beach bands all year round! Check out our band care tips to keep them clean and vibrant.

Made with a resilient elastic material
Due to their textile nature, they can fray if caught or snagged on sharp objects. We suggest carefully sliding HLB's onto your wrist or gently glide your ringband down your finger.

Chlorine and saltwater safe
HLB's keep their vibrant colors even if they get wet and take just a little time to dry. We recommend removing them before washing your hands, swimming or exercising as they may slip off.

Washer/dryer safe
If your bands get dirty, wear or misshape, no worries!. Place them in a small mesh bag, wash and dry on cold cycle with your clothing. Your bands will come out clean, colorful and shape almost like new (non bleach detergents).

Knotband alterations
Untying, retying or burning knotband ends is not recommended. Try not to pull or stretch your bands.

Comfortable and light
You can barely feel the rings on your finger and HLB wristbands are just as comfortable.

When taking your ringbands on and off make sure your hands are dry, gently gliding them down your finger. Don't stretch or pull your ringbands into place. Over time your ringbands will stretch to the shape of your finger. When you're not wearing your ringbands, safely store them in your HLB drawstring pouch. 

HLB wristbands keep their elasticity with normal wear. Gently slide your bands on and off without overstretching or pulling. When you're not wearing your wristbands safely store them in your HLB drawstring pouch. 

Using your wristband as a hairband
HLB's are strong and durable so they are usable as hairbands, but they will stretch, becoming too big to wear as wristbands once worn in your hair. You'd have the coolest hairband on the planet, but there's no turning back as a wristband.

We suggest wearing them as a wristband until you are ready to retire them as a hairband.