How are HLB's made?
Hang Loose Bands are made with a high-quality, durable elastic material. The material is colorfully canvased through a sublimation process. This allows our unique designs to vibrantly transfer onto each side of the material, creating super cool reversible beach bands. Each wristband is then sewn together and stylishly stitched with the Hang Loose hand symbol.

Are HLB ringbands like silicone rings?
Not really! HLB's are made of an elastic material with fresh surf, music and beachy prints verses silicone rubber wedding rings. HLB's are fashionably cool on any finger that fits...even as a thumb ring! 

Are HLB wristbands thicker than ringbands?
That's right! HLB wristbands are made with greater thickness to ensure stronger, more durable elasticity and superior comfort on your wrist. Ringbands are designed with a thinner material for maximum comfort on your fingers.

Can my HLB's get wet?
Ringbands and bracelets can get wet and take just a little time to air dry. We recommend removing them before washing your hands, swimming or exercising as they may slip off (and of course, they're more comfortable when dry).

Can I wash my HLB's?
Yes! HLB's are totally safe in the washer & dryer. We recommend washing in a small mesh laundry bag with your clothes, so they don't get lost in the wash. You'll be pleasantly surprised when they come out clean, colorful and almost new to form. No Bleach!

How are HLB ringbands sized?
Available in two sizes, small & medium. 
Small equates to ring size 7 to 9 stretches to fit.
Medium equates to ring size 9+ stretches to fit.
Note slight size variation from nature of elastic material.

How are HLB knotbands / wristbands sized?
Extra small 5.5" length wristband.
Small 6.25" to 6.5" length wristband.
Medium  7.25" to 7.5" length wristband.
Large / anklet 9" length wristband.
Note slight size variations from nature of elastic material.

Can I wear my ringbands in my hair?
No way Jose...HLB ringbands are created to wear exclusively as a ring. Don't try to stretch them, they aren't long enough to twist, loop or pull back your flow.

Using your wristband as a hairband?
HLB's are strong and durable so they are usable as hairbands, but they will stretch, becoming too big to wear as wristbands once worn in your hair. You'd have the coolest hairband on the planet, but there's no turning back as a wristband.

We suggest wearing them as a wristband until you are ready to retire them as a hairband.