Find Your Fabric Festival Wristbands

Are you feeling the calm of the ocean waves? Are you an adventure-seeker following your favorite band? Or, are you the festival fashionista looking to coordinate your boho-chic ensemble? We’ve got our top picks for the best fabric festival wristbands from HLB. Don’t agree with us? We’re not offended. Browse the whole site for more designs than you’ll know what to do with! 
Find your favorites and stock up before hitting the road for your next festival!

For the Beach Babe 

Why live in the real world when you escape reality by wearing the sunset right on your wrist? Close your eyes and mellow out with this calming Hang Loose Band. Carry a little piece of the beach along with you everywhere you go with this comfy fabric festival wristband. If this one doesn’t speak to you, you can shop the full collection, but we think you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite as chill as an ocean sunset. 

For the Hippie at Heart

One of the best things about going to festivals is the laid back aura. Everyone chilling together and vibing on the music at complete peace. What better way to keep those good vibes going than with our most popular festival wristband? Wherever your journey takes you, this Hang Loose Band will remind you to embrace the moment and just enjoy yourself. 

For the Band Groupie

If you hop in your RV and follow your favorite band from venue to venue, this is the perfect festival band choice for you. Transcending from the Sixties hippie movement, this playful hangout festival ring band can be worn 24/7 while you’re road tripping to the next city on the tour. 

For the Festival Fashionista

You were born to stand out, so why not do it? The Miami Breeze festival wristband is the one that will make them all jealous. With a knotband design, vibrant tropical prints, and colors that scream “look at me,” you can’t find a better option to help you make a new trend. This breezy band can be stacked with other festival wristbands for a look that’s all your own. Go ahead and make your statement! 

Why Choose Our Fabric Festival Wristbands?

Are you a free spirit? If none of these beachy designs encompass who you really are, we still got you covered! We like to think our Hang Loose Bands keep the sun, surf, and music flowing wherever you go. So, take us with you! Stack designs, mix and match or create a combination that’s all your own. We’re here for it! Browse all our beachy patterns and find the ones that speak to your soul! 

All of our Hang Loose Bands foster the individual and adventurous spirit of everyone who wears them. Each band is crafted from a comfortable, reversible elastic material and features designs that won’t fade away with extended wear. So, as long as you keep the good times going, our fabric festival wristbands will be along for the ride!