HLB Surfer Bracelets for Guys

If you’re a surfer you know that surfing is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. You need the right accessories that speak to your free spirited personality. Whether you're shredding waves or laying low beachside, we’ve got your beachy surfer wristbands covered. To us, the Hang Loose sign is more than just a gesture, it’s a symbol that represents the surfer in all of us. It connects us all to our own endless summers and tropical destinations. 

 For the Adventure Seeker 

Totally Tubular Hang Loose Band

If you spend the majority of your days riding waves or dreaming out being in the ocean catching barrels at your favorite surf spot, this is the Hang Loose Band for you. These surfer bracelets for guys make it easy to take the beach waves with you wherever you go. Super comfy and safe to wear in the water, you can throw this band on and soak up the sun. 


For the Prepster

Preppy Flamingo Hang Loose Band

Just because you’re a surfer at heart, doesn’t mean you can’t be preppy. Match your accessories to your board shorts with this Preppy Flamingo style surfer bracelet for guys. Head over to the beach and show off your individual style. Who says you have to choose comfort or fashion? These comfortable beach bracelets for guys can be worn 24/7 and won’t fade or lose their style! 

For the Beach Bum 

Sunset Beach Hang Loose Band

You’ve never seen the inside of an office building. You’ve never had to wear a suit in your life. You are the epitome of what the Hang Loose Band brand is all about. We salute you! Say aloha to our most tropical bracelet pattern for guys. For those very rare instances you’re not at the beach, you can rest easy that it’s coming right along with you wherever you go. 

For the Iconic Surfer 

The Original Hang Loose Band

You have the sun-bleached, long locks that just scream surfer! When it comes to iconic surfer bracelets for guys you can’t go wrong with the Original Hang Loose Band. Have fun, be original and hang loose with this classic design. Share a friendly greeting, share epic moments with your friends and keep on riding the waves with this bracelet as a reminder of your adventures.

 Why Choose Our Surfer Bracelets for Guys?

We are stoked to spend our days creating the beachy bracelets for guys that are designed for the surfer lifestyle. From the second you wake up in the morning until you hit the showers at the end of a long day on the waves, these bracelets will be right there with you. Crafted from reversible, stretchy fabric with vibrant designs that can withstand wear and tear, all of the Hang Loose Bands are stitched together with the legendary hang loose symbol. 

Stay comfy, and keep the sand, surf, and music flowing all year long with our surfer bracelets for guys.